'Inspiring young lives, minds and communities'

FPEA Vision and Objectives

Future Progress Educational Associates (FPEA) - established in 2004 to offer specified seminars, events and programmes which run through the course of the academic year.
FPEA has now developed further the following aims which define the objectives of FPEA programmes:

  • To develop young person’s life skills - focusing on raising confidence, self-esteem, aspirations, personal effectiveness and social responsibility to their communities.
  • To raise the level of attainment achieved by young people in education and reduce exclusions from school.
  • To develop effective study skills and provide guidance for approaching further education and employment.
  • To encourage and prepare young people for educational and career success, developing mutually supportive networks which enable them to maintain a sense of responsibility and commitment to the community.
  • To provide a dedicated managerial, professional and focussed service delivery.